From All Directions 006 – Robotiko

1 Sep

Robotiko (aka David from PETDuo) – From All Directions Episode 006

01 The Underground Excision
02 Hold Up (Original Mix) SIDEStep
03 Magic City K THEORY
04 The Vintage MISTER W
05 Machine Gun Noisia
06 Pill U (original mix) PERFECTA/SAVE THE RAVE
07 Double Chin XSTATIK
08 Atonement Dubtek
09 Brobot Apocalypse (Original Mix) Fei-Fei
10 Game Over Datsik & Flux Pavilion
11 Calypso Excision & Datsik
12 Heavy Artillery Skism
13 Get Up Freakhouze
14 Get Ready (Original Mix) Calvertron, Downlink
15 Deep KOMBOT
16 Ginger Pubes Cookie Monsta
17 Crunch Datsik & Flux Pavilion
18 Stigma (Neosignal Remix) Noisia
19 Crowd Control (Original Mix) Excision, Downlink
20 Talk To Me (Original Mix) Kill The Noise

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For a direct download right click and ‘download linked file’ here


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